Our Company

JR East Business Development SEA Pte. Ltd. (SEABD) is a subsidiary of East Japan Railway Company (JR East) group that are based in Singapore. SEABD focuses on the overseas expansion of JR East’s lifestyle business and real estate development work across Asia markets.

JR East is the operator for trains including Shinkansen (High speed bullet train) in the East region of Japan, JR East is the largest passenger railway company in Japan, serving about 17 million passengers daily. Apart from the main railway business, JR East Group also operates a variety of lifestyle businesses such as shopping malls management, retail shops, restaurants, hotels, as well as office building management.
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Introducing Japanese Products and Brands

  • 01. Market Research
  • 02. Incorporation and store development
  • 03. Administartive services for new companies
  • 04. Logistics and System support
  • 05. Sales promotion


Our Business

JR East Business Development SEA Pte. Ltd. (SEABD) is commited to the:

  • Introduction and promotion of a wide range of JR East’s lifestyle businesses, as well as Japanese products and brands.
  • Management of retail and commercial space to provide a convenient shopping-commuting experience.
  • Transportation Oriented Development (TOD) for a seamless commuting journey

Beside aiding the expansion of JR East’s own lifestyle brands and products, SEABD also aim to be the bridge for potential Japanese products and brands to enter the South East Asia markets. Providing the necessary functions such as market research, administrative service, logistic support, store development and more.