Embark on Transportation
Oriented Development

In Japan, JR East is one of major real estate players in Transportation Oriented Development (TOD), with some of the most outstanding development in recent years.

Many instance, JR East has successfully remodeled our station facilities in accordance to the development work around the station so that passengers can enjoy a much more seamless commuting journey in and out of the stations.

On top of developing the area for commercial use, JR East has also contributed to the community by revitalizing the open space common area for social gathering of the commuting public. In addition, JR East has created efficient traffic node with a smooth transport network where commuters can transit between the various transportation such as bus, taxi and other trains network conveniently.
This is achieved through close coordination and cooperation with the government and other transportation operators.

Bringing forth the expertise JR East has on TOD in Japan, both JR East and SEABD aims to be part of the TOD related real estate projects in the developing cities across the Asia markets. We hope to play a part not only as an investor of the development, but also offering consultancy knowledge from the experience we built over the years.